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Censorship and concurrency
As there were no news for a longer time now, here is the explanation:
As easy, unbelievable and suprising it sounds: we have not been allowed to let the news page run for the last few months. Now it's back again, but at least not the same it was before.
As we were reporting about the three hip hop kings all the time, a new alliance of the 'repressed' was born.  And its leaders are none else but El Pemio aka LP and Anti-Hoi-Man. After a short time the members of this alliance began to riot and also to threaten the newspage hard. They spoke of things like independance and so far. And that we have to change our style of journalism.
We  say: no, nothing has to be changed! The leaders are always the greatest!  El Premio an Anti-Hoi-Man rule!

Who can believe  this reality now? Nothing seems to be real! Many of  the old dirty bastards or 'leaders'  of the past hip hop szene are going to celebrate themselves...
Is it this what they stand for?  
They've exploited the youth of today by taking their money and giving back shit. They've sold their souls to the majors and MTV.
So- is it any wonder that they've looked dead? The big surprise is that the dead can have a revival!
But as this cannot be, never believe the 'truth' or what ever they use to brainwash you!
Believe in  SnowmanICE! He was, is and ever will be the strict, absolute and only accepted truth!

Who is who?
'Nobody's Perfekt'- in the logical sense it is the same assertion as -> Perfect is Nobody.
But wasn't it 
Rooster High who was all the time standig above the rest of the world? Standing on the top of his dunghill feeling higher, louder and better than all? Wasn't it he that always wanted to make us believe, that he is perfect (or  Perfect)?
And: Don't forget the people who all the time called RH the 'Mr Perfect'!
So nobody know now. Or does Nobody know? The question of the who is who of this story seem to come a hard crackable nut for the next time... 
And don't expect support by the spy: Ed Snowden is NOT Snowman ICE!

What's happened to 
Rooster High? Or better, how deep is the Rooster High fall?
Is he dead? Nobody knows. But who is Nobody? This very old question can be answered by now. The only question left is, what's been the function of Nobody and what will be. Has Nobody murdered 
Rooster High? Doesn't sound it funny then? Nobody killed RH...
And what is with the voices of RH that 
Pope Poopee indeed heard that morning (June 6) out of his phone?
Everything sounds lunatic. Like a high fall.

Everything seems to be silent. But the quite after one is the  calm before the next storm.
What will happen now, as the new church's opened its doors? Will it be a suitable follower for  all what Snowman Ice created? Can there be anything comparable to it? Or can there even be anything that is dignified to be decorated with those words making such a name, making such a thing- SnowmanICE?
We are looking forward positively, will see what's gonna happen the next time!

The Urban Dictionary has been updated on February 13th.
The new entry 'Too pooped to Pope' can be seen here:
UrbanDictionary: too pooped to Pope
For Pope Poopee this is the crucial point now to found his own church. A church dedicated to Snowman ICE, the real master. Everything else is just a fake and unreal.

Tribute forever!
From now we keep in memory the special tribute party to Snowman ICE. Under the slogan 'Snowman ICE - an afterburner - tribute party' the legend was remembered all night long. The meeting of the OGs was all in all quite peaceful although the musicians rocked hard.
To avoid the police the party was completley undergrounded. Nobody had known, and the ways to the party area were completely closed by the city planners or the police. As official reason they appointed the floods.
Nevertheless this was not seen as a reason not to come for so many friends of Snowman ICE. Stay in our hearts! We will always keep you in mind. Thank you so much! What Snowman ICE gave us, will always stay. Forever.

To [btl], to [bætl] or to ['bɛtəl]  ([btln], [bætln] oder ['bɛtəln])?
It's winter! With the beginning of December God remembers Snowman ICE- all the landscape (and the cities) are covered with snow! (and everything is icy!)
And we remember the Godfather of  battling too! He was the real battler [ˈbætəʳ]! (not to confuse with German Bettler [ˈbɛtlɐ], who are forbidden for example in Munich)
None can reach Snowman ICE! Never! Illegally or legally!

At the moment before Snowman ICE (->Story) died, he wanted to tell something. It began with 'I am the ma...' 'Ma' spoken as [ˈmaː]. Then it stopped abruptly. The bullet was in, Snowman ICE died.
What did he want to say? A lot has been rumoured in the last weeks. Was he really a ma? What does it mean? Mother? Did he want to say master? Why? Everyone knows. Or 'I am the major...' maybe act or hiphopper. But wouldn't this be 'maj' [ˈmeɪ] and not 'ma'  [ˈmaː]?
The rumouring still goes on. When he really was a mother, then he was a father and one of  his offspring is if anything ICE-T! Why this? Is the 'ICE' the only reason? What or who the fuck is ICE-T? We know T-Rex, T-Bone and T-shirt, and we also know Snowman ICE! But is it really possible that ICE-T is the only offspring of Snowman ICE?

Trouble inside of the hip hop kingdom- the manager of Pope Poopee even said  'Fuck you!' to Baltus. As this is no gentle way to expresse, everyone's been astonished to hear it out of the mouth of PP's manager.
What happened? 
Nothing's cleared yet. As you hear of hip hop, you don't know, how to write it. Is it hiphop, hip hop, hip-hop, Hip Hop, HipHop or even hip_hop?  
Are we hip hoppers, hipphoppers, hiphopppers, hiphopers, hip hopers? Or aren't we hip and don't have hope?

Welcome! has joined us. But stay relaxed, it is  no joint venture- we make the rules!
At the moment we are looking for the best way to use the domain our goal is powering up
So we are open for serious ideas- just send them to
Read here, what's  '.tk' .

After the three awarded HipHopKings Double Bubble, Pope Poopee and Rooster High- the HipHopTroika- decided to go online, here now is the page.
There still are many things under construction at the moment, but we are already proud to present a serious, an  authentic alternative to all the pseudo hip hop behaviour that's all around.

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